Zamzam spring supports the people of Basra

The Zamzam Group of Companies, a member of the Iraqi Economic Council and part of the “Al Wafa Al Iraq” initiative, launched the “Basra Al Kerem” campaign to support the people of Basra governorate in providing safe drinking water after polluting its water.

“Due to the duty to help and help our people in all areas of Iraq and after the incident of water pollution in Basra and thousands of cases of poisoning and lack of water for human use, the Zamzam Spring Group of Companies conducted a convoy loaded with drinking water to be connected and distributed to Needy families “.

The source added that “one of the main objectives of the initiative to highlight the suffering of the people of Basra from a major crisis, but it is regrettable that the disaster experienced by the people of Basra did not receive the appropriate attention by the relevant government agencies as well as international humanitarian organizations.”

For his part, the Iraqi Economic Council, said that his initiatives “come from our humanitarian and legitimate duty towards the people of Basra and their suffering under the difficult conditions and pressure resulting from the scarcity of drinking water and the lack of services that destroyed plowing and offspring, which affected thousands of our children and brothers dear disease due to outbreaks of epidemics and diseases , And aware of our responsibility of brotherhood, patriotism, legitimacy and humanity. “

He added that “as a duty of the Council has been launched (campaign Basra generosity) within (the initiative to meet Iraq) to the relief of our brothers and children and grandchildren of the people of Basra.” He added that “the campaign includes the delivery of 150 trucks of water bottles for drinking and the processing of a number of water purification stations as well as the processing of citizens with 100 tanks of water, has been sent (the first meal) of drinking water and 18 truckloads of sterile water, part of the contributions of Car Group, Raad Al Khaleej Contracting Company and Sea Sands Shipping Company. The Economic Council has launched many initiatives. On Thursday July 14, 2016, the Al-Wafaa Karrada initiative was launched to support those affected by the terrorist attack on commercial compounds in the region.

“Each team consists of one member of the Iraqi Economic Council and a member of the municipal council of Karrada and a member representing one of the Karrada district’s dignitaries and a member of the Kurdistan Regional Council,” the council said in a statement. One of the representatives of civil society organizations for the purpose of diagnosing each case separately and determine the amount owed to them, and that the decisions be taken by a higher committee was also formed for this purpose.

He added that “the Council launched the initiative of loyalty to Karada, and collect amounts of 3 billion and 82 million and 500 thousand dinars until yesterday evening to the victims of the bombing,” noting that “Prime Minister Haider Abadi thanked us for this noble initiative and praised the efforts and valuable contribution to alleviate the suffering of The victims of the people of the country and who represent all the colors of the Iraqi spectrum who fell between a martyr and wounded by that tragic incident. “

The council also has another initiative to support the displaced, including the distribution of thousands of in-kind blankets and winter clothes to displaced families from Mosul in the Khazar camp and other camps. The Council also contributed to the “Al Wafa Initiative for Iraq” by distributing donations to 235 martyrs’ families and financing the rehabilitation of Al Hadi Center Mall.