About The Group
About The Group

Our start was humble and simple at 2003, then when expanded and grew to be one of the biggest and most trusted companies in Iraq. And through our main branch in Iraq we were able to succeed in all our bussiness and made a trustworthy fine reputation which allowed us to expand in new markets.


Our Message and Vision

We always seek to achieve what others can’t. We were audacious enough to go into difficult areas which were invulnerable to many. Ambition was one of the factors of the success of our story, because we were confident in our abilities and confident that the role of leadership in supporting the community and contribute in development is the strategic goal that we must strive to achieve. From the beginning, our vision was “customers are partners in the success story”. We worked to achieve the success and reach the leading role in every field we invest in, identifying leadership as a goal that must be approached and succeed to fulfill. We continue to work hard and preserve the special position we gained in Iraq, then moving to the Middle East. We endeavor to attain a wider recognition in the regional markets through new investments and continuous growth to be one of the most successful group of companies in Iraq and the region, being guided by our vision of partnership as our choice to expand the geographical presence of the group to be well-known across the Middle East. We are committed to achieving excellence, maintaining leadership, and the importance of providing best services to our customers.

Our Philosophy

In ZSCO group companies, we appreciate our customers as partners, giving them the sense of excellence, striving to achieve their dreams, building cordial relations based on respect and concept of partnership Partnership is the base of our business path. Community support is a strategic goal we are working for to achieve. Credibility with our customers is a concept we follow to get their satisfaction; we always seek to give the best to them and make them feel satisfied because they are our partners. Accuracy in achievement is our business feature and the style of services offered to our valued customers.


Our values

•Supplying the market with high-quality products appropriate for customer demand from every aspect and supported by great after sales services
•Satisfying the dealers for the aim of leadership in the market
•Creating sales and after sales, networks in compliance with international standards and ensuring the best purchasing experience with complete satisfaction

Future is Here

Continuous Developing, growth and sustainable development. ZSCO Group is investing in a new side of strategic development to build an important platform for the future as a key player in the development of the Iraqiand regional economy. Despite this growth and development, the real precedence is in ensuring that we continue to improve the level of services provided to our clients. not only competing for expanding We are looking for a future where we build strength, influence and wealth of accumulated experience and knowledge to replicate the success we have achieved. We are setting new markets and looking forward to a new business partners, customers and employees in our path to expand and to discover the pioneering space of business.


Our Customer

We welcome employees from different backgrounds and nationalities providing to them a training programs according to the highest international standards. We select friendly, enthusiastic and ready to help staff. we have worked hard to develop a distinguished team of professionals who have the knowledge, experience and skills to ensure that we provide exceptional service to our customers. To be proactive in building relationship with our customers, we are inspired by experiences of reputed international companies which represent best brands around the globe. We have relied on the entrepreneurial spirit which we have, our vision which is based on leadership in the work, and on the competence and professionalism of our staff to apply initiatives and start implementing the Loyalty Program and Corporate Social Responsibility Program as newly applied ideas in Iraq, to build our relationship with the customers and the community as a true partnership relation within the family of ZSCO Group Companies.