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Our companies revolutionizing the automotive industry. Our work isn’t easy, but we love
doing it – and we didn’t become a market leader by shying away from a challenge.

Albilad Almotahida

Albilad Almotahida offers the latest models of RENAULT cars in three branches in Baghdad and its showrooms in most of the country’s cities. A network of advanced after-sale service centers equipped with all spare parts needs; equipped with all spare parts needs.

Sama Al Gharbiya

Exclusive agent for futon in Iraq, which produces saloons, cars and cars Production, buses and technical equipment and has become one of the companies supporting the Iraqi market through its success in achieving a high sales ratio Putting the futon brand in the best form, making it a parking lot for many Iraqis. Became a bus and a small baby pregnancy product (pickup) from A wide-ranging futon brand on our streets and has raised a new and achievable option for those looking for a job as their source of income The company’s success in providing a product that contributes to changing the lives of Iraqis for the better.


Zamzam Spring

It has consistently maintained its position in the first place in providing its services and gaining the confidence of its customers and being in the refineries of international companies through the acquisition of the world-class brands and brands of trucks, Isuzu trucks, Volvo trucks, heavy equipment known worldwide engine industry and strong payment systems of different types achieved a great success In the Iraqi market by taking the lead role and bringing brands A well-known global organization that supports the development process and provides market needs.


Our Mission:

Providing after sales services for high quality cars in order to achieve the highest percentage of customer satisfaction.

Our Vision:

To lead and achieve competitive advantage in providing the best services and thus achieve the target objectives and obtain the highest market share in Iraq.

Zamzam Motors International

Vehicles industry ranked as one of the largest industry business in the world. A car production process provides five direct employment opportunities and each direct job provides five indirect jobs. The booming of this industry leads to the growth and development of other industries such as petrochemicals, steel and electronics.

Taj AlQithara

Since 2005 and so far Taj AlQithara is characterized by the provision of travel services and aviation led by a team A specialist and trainer I gain his knowledge and experience from his work in airlines and have a wide network of relationships with The world’s largest international airline. An experienced cadre with a high level of experience, providing you with the best possible services and following up customers Through the after-sales services to provide them with all their needs all these factors make the crown of the guitars for tourism and travel capable To provide you with quality services High to make every trip you make an unforgettable experience.