Founded in 2015 and it’s the sole propriety reseller for FOTON automobile in Iraq which manufacture saloon, van, pickups, busses and heavy machinery. Sama AlGarbia became one of the high impacting companies in the Iraqi Market due to making high selling percentage and introducing Foton Brand in best possible way making it number 1 car for the community The Vans and Pickup cars became widely spread in our road and added new jobs for job seekers, thus Sama AlGarbia made sure again it’s success in providing a new product helps in changing people life’s towards better standards.

The Chinese Foton Global company was established in 1996 and emerged to be in the first ranks in making commercial cars from the point view of production and selling by making the highest sells percentage in 2004 which reached to one million car. At the moment Foton covers a whole series of commercial cars including heavy, medium and light trucks plus cars and buses, thus conforming to it’s serious attempt to be one of the best successful company locally.

Sama Al-Gharbia obtained the exclusive authorization of BAIC in Iraq, bringing this promising brand for the first time into Iraqi market adding a new important type to the range of options for the Iraqi citizen. BAIC was ranked as one of the top 10 automobile manufacturers in China in 2010 and in 2014 the group ranked as fourth in China with a production capacity nearly 2.5 million vehicles to become one of the world’s biggest companies in this field.